Have you tried everything to find a relationship
and are tired of being alone?
How to
Ditch Your
Fear of Rejection
And finally
Find a Long-Term Relationship
Have you tried everything to be in a relationship and are tired of being alone?
How To
Ditch Your Fear of Rejection
And Finally
Find a Long-Term Relationship
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In today’s dating scene, finding a relationship with a quality, compatible woman can seem almost impossible, both online and in-person.
Does any of the following sound familiar?
  • You see attractive women when you’re out, but never know what to say and are afraid of being rejected, so you don’t approach them and beat yourself up wondering, “what if?”
  • You spend hours and hours messaging dozens of women online but never seem to get a reply, let alone a date.
  • You are able to get some first dates that seem to have great potential, but when you ask her out again, she says she didn’t feel a spark, and you’re left wondering what went wrong.
If you’re experiencing even just one of these, your fear of rejection and self-doubt are preventing you from feeling confident when it comes to approaching women. And now you feel hopeless at the thought of meeting the woman of your dreams and helpless as to how to do it.
Imagine if you could break the pattern of what hasn’t been working in your dating life, and finally find a long-term relationship.
Fearless Dating
Fearless Dating is an 8 Week Program
That Will Help You:
  •  Confidently and successfully approach women online and in person –– imagine never having to worry about rejection ever again!
  •  Create deeper connections with women who have true relationship potential and want you to date them.
  • Make it easier to meet quality attractive women either online or in-person.
This 8 Week Program Will Give You
All The Tools and Confidence You Need to Get Dates and Create More Authentic Connections So You Can Build Towards a Long-Term Relationship
  •  How to consistently have engaging conversations with women that make them more attracted to you, online or offline. You'll never have to think about what to say next ever again.
  •  How every interaction can be meaningful in your pursuit of a relationship –– even if a woman rejects you.
  •  Exactly how women perceive your words and actions when you're flirting online and offline.
  •  How to ask for what you want unapologetically and increase your odds of actually getting it.
  • What to do on the first three dates, from planning to conversation topics, and how to end the night in a way that guarantees you get that second date!
This is what you will get with our 8 WEEK GROUP PROGRAM:
Our Carefully Crafted
Dating Blueprint
($1,997 Value)
Weekly videos from Thomas and Laurie that will teach you exactly how to attract quality women both online and in-person. These videos give you practical, tangible tips to confidently create authentic connections with the right women.
Weekly Live 
Coaching Sessions
($3,597 Value)
Every week, you get a LIVE group coaching session hosted by Thomas and Laurie to answer ALL of your dating questions. You get expert advice and new perspectives on your dating life that will get you more messages in your inbox and better connections in-person.
Lifetime Access 
to Support
($997 Value)
The support you get through this 8 week program doesn’t just end then. You will have lifetime access to our online, private Fearless Dating Community where you get on-demand advice directly from Thomas and Laurie, can share ideas, get feedback and connect with other members, ensuring you are never alone in your dating life again.
If you paid for a personal dating coach to help you meet women both online and in-person, you could easily spend over $9,000...
However, we are offering the Fearless Dating 8-week group coaching program for only
Plus You’ll Get These Special Bonuses:
Bonus #1: How To Update Your Wardrobe To Attract the Women You Want ($1,497 Value)
Your personal style is an essential part of your first impression, both in your profile pictures online and on dates in person. Thomas’ ultimate style guide will teach you exactly how to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank so you can better attract the women you desire.
Bonus #2: Secrets To The Most Attractive Profile Photos ($147 Value)
After studying hundreds of thousands of profile photos, Laurie will take you inside the science behind which pictures get the best responses online. She will teach you how to analyze the photos you currently have with women in mind, and exactly how to take new pics that will get her to message you instantly!
Bonus #3: One 30-Minute One-on-One Coaching Call ($597 Value)
The first 20 members who join will get a personal, one-on-one coaching session to overcome obstacles you're experiencing that are preventing you from the kind of relationship you want. You can choose your coach. Need more online dating support? Talk to Laurie. In-person advice? Thomas is here. No matter who you choose, you'll unblock the sticking points in your dating life.
Don’t Miss Out On the Chance to Finally Take Down Your Online Profile For Good!
Sign up today for only
Listen to what one of our satisfied clients has to say...
"I found myself confidently talking to attractive women (who I did not know) in person, whether I wanted to date them or not. I got many more quality matches through an app and a website (especially following the profile refresh), and met 10 women in personAs I put Thomas and Laurie's lessons into practice, I got better at dates - including timing, content, body language, etiquette, and how to explore chemistry at different levels. I am now in a relationship!"
-Ravi Chandran
About Us
Thomas and Laurie Davis Edwards are top dating experts who are married.
Thomas is the founder of The Professional Wingman and specializes in helping men meet women in-person, in their everyday lives. Laurie is the founder of eFlirt and has an expertise in helping men improve their online dating results so they meet women on both sites and apps.

Their advice has been featured in hundreds of media outlets such as the New York Times, The Steve Harvey Show, Men's Health, Playboy, and the Wall Street Journal.

Combined, they have nearly two decades of experience helping men find long-term relationships, and are responsible for more than 150 marriages and engagements.
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